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How was Loki ultimately able to breath when Thor put Mjolnir on his chest

There are several points I condsidered,

  • Worthiness

Worthiness Enchantment: This enchantment surrounding Mjölnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. Thus far, this includes Thor, the Red Norvell, Buri, Bor, Odin, Beta Ray Bill, and Captain America. To anyone else, Mjölnir cannot be lifted from the ground[citation needed] nor wrested from Thor’s grip.

So we all know that only someone worthy can weild the hammer

  • Mjolnir's actual weight

How much would Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) weigh?

The magic of the hammer makes its weight arbitrary. Consider that weight is the force on an object due to gravity, that means that we have to take into account the mass of the hammer and gravity(a constant). However, the hammer doesn't adhere to physics as we know it.

At one moment it can be wielded by Thor, set on a table without breaking the structure, and fly through the air. At the next moment the Hulk himself, who we know to be exceedingly strong can't lift it up. If we attribute these instances to its weight changing, then it can obviously be any arbitrary weight necessary. (Technically we don't know if there is an upper bound but as it's magic it is safe to say there is, in so far as it is convenient to the plot). If we attribute them to some force other than a change in weight, the weight still becomes inconsequential, as it still performs the same way as if it did not have weight.

From the answer I can only assume that due to its magical properties that it can be placed on any inert object and not crush it. So the actual weight of Mjolnir should not cause anyone to not be able to breath due it is actual weight.

So ,to my question, My issue is that no one worthy can lift the hammer, so would it not move with Loki's chest movements and as he breaths in move closer to the ground, but due to him not being worthy when breathing in would not be able to raise the hammer, so with every breath it would move close to the ground and thus crushing his chest so as he could no longer breathe any more?

I can't see any magic working here, as the worthiness prevents anyone not worthy lifting it under any circumstance and if someone was to say it would keep the same height as when Thor placed it, Loki could breath out and therefore create a gap between him and Mjolnir and then escape. I would liken this to a boa-constrictor, every time he moved the hammer would move closer to the ground ultimately crushing him.

So I don't see any scenario where Loki could breath after having the hammer placed on his chest.

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Here is a picture from the scene in question, where Loki is pinned to the Bifrost by having Mjolnir placed on top of him.

Loki held down by Mjolnir

Here is a good look at the costume Loki was wearing in Thor.

Loki in Thor (2011)

The simple answer is that Mjolnir was placed on top of the breastplate that Loki is wearing. It seems safe to assume that there is enough room between Loki's chest and his breastplate for him to breathe, as otherwise he wouldn't ever be able to breathe while wearing it.

Plus, we have to remember that Mjolnir was only on top of Loki for a handful of seconds, half a minute at most. After that, Thor realises that he must destroy the Bifrost, and calls Mjolnir to him in order to do so.


You don't necessarily need to lift your chest to breathe. There is also belly breathing.

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  • I'm not sure of that - I recall that expanding the chest is what actually inflates the lungs, not the reverse (the chest rises because the lungs inflate). I think belly breathing lets the chest move less, but I think it still has to move for someone to breathe. – Megha Oct 28 '16 at 12:32
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    try it. i don't move my sternum when belly breathing. of course, if a heavy weight actually compresses the chest, it's a different matter. – ths Oct 28 '16 at 12:34

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