Following Secret Wars, Marvel launched a rebranding event called All-New, All Different Marvel. This event featured a number of "legacy characters", with the persona of established superheros being taken over by new characters.

For example, the current Thor is Jane Foster; the current Hulk is Amadeus Cho; and the current Hawkeye is Kate Bishop.

What other existing superhero identities have been taken over by new characters? In particular, is there a new Captain America?

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At present there are TWO characters acting as Captain America on Earth-616.

Steve Rogers in Captain America: Steve Rogers

Steve resumed the role of Cap in May 2016 after previously being dead (don't ask), old and depowered, Chief of Civilian Oversight for S.H.I.E.L.D, and made young again.

enter image description here

and Sam Wilson in Captain America: Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson was gifted the role in 2015 and has been acting as the principal CA since that time.

enter image description here

Earth-23291 has Roberta Mendez as Cap in Secret Wars 2099

enter image description here

Other incarnations & universes can be found on Wikipedia

  • Roberta actually shows up on Earth-616 (or whatever it's called now) during the post-Secret Wars run of Spider-Man 2099. However, her presence did not become generally known, and she is back in the 2099 U now.
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