This pendant was given to Nuala by some woman Morpheus has courted.

Yet which one? It was the latest one, surely, after Morpheus admitted Nuala to his palace. My best guess is that it was Thessaly (aka Larissa), but I wasn't able to locate any proof.

  • It was Thessaly, but I'm fuzzy on the actual dialog. It's referenced in both Kindly Ones (when she's guarding Lyta Hall and preventing Morpheus from disturbing her channeling of the Furies) and The Wake (where she actually cries), but I'm not sure which piece of dialogue makes the relationship explicit. – Radhil Nov 9 '16 at 15:53

It's Thessaly. As Radhil says in the comments, we know from various clues that Thessaly is the girlfriend they're talking about. In A Game of You, Morpheus and Thessaly meet, and Thessaly shows some interest (although she seems more annoyed: "He comes on like he's so cool. Who does he think he's fooling. Well, he's not fooling me. Oh no . . . and it isn't even as if he's good-looking. He's too thin for a start."). And then she tells the story about the relationship and breakup in The Wake.

But there's a particular link with the pendant. At the end of World's End (Sandman volume 8), Brant is telling his story to a bartender who looks like Thessaly, and she seems to be wearing the pendant.

World's End bartender 1 World's End bartender 2

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    I never doubted that it was Thessaly (after her part in The Kindly Ones and The Wake), I just wanted proof. Thank you very much for your research! I'll wait for a day and then accept. – Gallifreyan Nov 9 '16 at 19:41
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    I might have learned about the pendant from one of the Sandman companion books. There's also some more detail about the Dream/Thessaly relationship on this oocities page: oocities.org/fynwong/thessaly.html. – Pixel Nov 9 '16 at 21:37

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