Written in '40s '50 or '60s. Man stranded on an island after a natural disaster discovers rest of world living by his doctrine, which was appropriated by former associate.

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    Can you remember anything more about this book? More details about what this 'doctrine' entailed, for instance, or about the nature of the disaster? Please take a quick look through our guidelines for asking a good ID question, and see if you can use any of the suggestions there to improve your question with more detail.
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  • So he's inadvertently spawned a worldwide religion?
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  • That's correct, Valorum.
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If you remember from that novel that amputations were an important value in the new society, then the answer is:

"Limbo" (1952) by Bernard Wolfe.

First edition cover

It has the following plot:

Martine returns from self-imposed exile after the end of a World War to find that his cynical and satirical musings about society in his diary have been used as a blueprint for the rebuilt society. Disarmament has been taken literally with men volunteering to have one or more limbs amputated. This movement has split into two factions: one which remains helpless - paraded in baby carridges by their wives or mothers; another that replaces me missing limbs with more powerful artificial limbs. Martime finds himself the hero and founder of a society he finds despicable, and one which is restarting the Cold war that led up to the last one, with each side trying to use him for its own ends.


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