This book was part of a trilogy. Some free humans live near Jupiter or thereabouts, the rest of the humans are on Earth where terraforming is taking place. The human slaves are fed from fruits that are grown on Earth, some of which taste like meat while others have other flavours.

That's the part that I can recall- does anyone remember this story?


Did you by any chance mean the Atherton series by Patrick Carmen?

It consists of the books:

  • House of Power
  • Rivers of Fire
  • The Dark Planet

Dr. Harding is the futuristic mad scientist responsible for creating Atherton: a three tiered satellite world orbiting the fallen Earth. But those who live on Atherton don’t know Earth exists or their role in trying to save it. Edgar, a gifted climber, is the first to discover the first of many startling revelations to come: the three tiered world of Atherton is collapsing. A dangerous world of strange creatures and hidden powers with a history locked inside the mind of a mad scientist, Atherton is much more than it appears at first glance. Ages 9 and up

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