This story is vast, and also has single man spaceships, where they have contests on planet involving stripes or grids. The best pilots go out to find in space portals to other areas. One character is a blind telepath of a strict religious sect.

One part the main character is injured or frozen and taken to a water-world where dolphins repair him and give him computer enhancements. The main character's friend at beginning of story are discussing if they had immortality and how he would not get bored, if he got tired of females he would try males, but not part of the story, just a characterization.

Oh, the main character's mom is some sort of witch like person that may have stolen some DNA from her brother to make her son.

I am pretty sure the author's name begins with a Z.


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This is Neverness (1988) and the sequel trilogy, A Requiem for Homo Sapiens, consisting of The Broken God (1992), The Wild (1995), and War in Heaven (1998) by David Zindell.

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    This is almost certainly the answer, but you should explain why you think so. Nov 12, 2016 at 21:30

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