The book was written like late 90's to pre-2008. was dystopian future I think it was called "Jazzed" but can't find it by that name. Primary character was a young female. Book could have been juvenile fiction. The internet was described as a place where people gave false news reports. People carried a personal ID device called smokes. You could write computer code that interfaced with biologicals.

Ringing any bells? It was remarkably prophetic in hindsight.


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Melissa Scott, The Jazz (2000)

Publisher's Weekly mentions

Tin Lizzy, another of the author's highly competent hackers with a heart of gold, makes her living producing virtual background scenarios for the jazz, the newest Internet art form: an inspired combination of personality journalism, gossip, cyberpranks and outright lies.

Booklist includes this in their review:

[...] long ago, when a teenage prostitute, she encountered Gerretty, stole his smoke, and was viciously punished by several years in a harsh prison.

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    – user74020
    Nov 13, 2016 at 15:06
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