I was quite surprised to find out that Weyoun was present during the signing of the peace treaty between the Dominion and the Federation.

It was clearly explained earlier in the same or previous episode that

Dominion cloning facilities are not operational and thus the existing Weyoun clone was the last one "available" to serve the Female Changeling.

Some time after this explanation we learned that

this last clone was shot during the headquarters take-over.

I can hardly belive that Federation allowed the Dominion/Cardassia to put cloning facilities back into full operation before signing a peace treaty. Which leads us to the conlusion that there was no clone left to serve as the Female Changeling’s advisor.

For me this is a quite obvious hole in script. Can anyone confirm this? Or, on the contrary, maybe there is an explanation for how Weyoun could be present during the signing of the peace treaty.

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The two Vorta present were not Weyoun clones. They were simply other Vorta, in this particular case played by Mark Major and Keith Rayve

Per the script.

The Female Shape-shifter, TWO VORTA and THREE JEM'HADAR FIRSTS, are seated at the table signing the official surrender documents. In front of them stand, Sisko, Ross, Martok and a Romulan dignitary. Among the WITNESSES filling the room, are Kira, Odo, Worf, Bashir, O'Brien, Ezri and various other STARFLEET OFFICERS, VORTA and JEM'HADAR.

Once the Female Shape-shifter completes the signing of the surrender documents, she stands and hands them to Admiral Ross.

enter image description here


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