In Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space series of books, there is a cache of mysterious weapons called "Cache Weapons" or "Hell Class weapons". They work in different ways, but they all seem to have some spacetime-bending properties.

The origin of these weapons is mysterious, but eventually partially revealed:

It is eventually revealed that the Conjoiner faction of humans created these weapons at some point in the past, based on blueprints/information from the future, through Exordium. According to Wikipedia (although I don't remember this from the books itself), "The Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is assumed, and allows participants to form neural links with their past, future, and alternate selves" through Exordium.

There is another class of powerful weapons later in the series, called hypometric weapons.

Hypometric weaponry is said to be a highly advanced class of weapons that also bend spacetime, usually discovered only by races after one or two million years of spacefaring civilization. It is discovered stored inside neutron stars that work as computers by parallelizing the past, present and future versions of itself.

So my question is this:

Are the Cache Weapons built from the same technology as the hypometric weapons, gleamed from the (or a) future?

And as a related bonus question: In Reynolds's House of Suns, a stand-alone novel not connected with Revelation Space that takes place millions of years in the future, there is a class of weapons called "Homunculus weapons", that also work by bending spacetime. If we assume the "many-worlds interpretation", is it possible that the Homunculus weapons are also the same technology as the Cache/hypometric weapons, from one possible future of the Revelation Space universe?


I suppose it's possible, but I don't think it's likely. As I recall, the homonculus weapons left a lingering 'scar' on the fabric of space-time where they were used, I don't recall any similar effect from the use of any of the cache weapons nor the hypometric weapons. Also, I think the time frames are too mismatched for them to be alternate versions via the many worlds hypothesis, I might be mistaken on this point though In the short story "Galactic North", the last date given us 40,000 AD, by which point the Greenfly machines have completely overtaken the galaxy, not the millions of years as given in House of Suns.

The cache weapons designs come from humanity's future via the conjoiner program Exordium, while the hypometric weapons are derived from designs left by extinct alien cultures.

Regarding the cache weapons, Absolution Gap, page 458:

We cannot underestimate the cache weapons,” Remontoire said. “They were a gift from the future. Until they have been exhaustively tested, we cannot assume that they are inferior to anything Aura has given us.

Regarding the hypometric weapons, Absolution Gap, page 479:

“Then where did this technology come from?”
“The dead. The collective memories of countless extinct cultures, gathered together in the neutron-crust matrix of the Hades computer."

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    Could you perhaps provide some evidence to back this up? Feb 28 '17 at 7:56
  • From Wikipedia: The smallest of the weapons seem to have been considerably more powerful than conventional space-borne weapons, and at least one is deemed capable of destroying a planet-sized object from a distance exceeding 100 AU...the most basic cache weapons appear to be radical extensions of otherwise conventional principles, such as relativistic projectile weapons with antimatter or neutronium ammunition and gamma-ray lasers. Others, however, make use of gravity wave effects and other complex phenomena, with certain weapons even containing microscopic black holes. Feb 28 '17 at 8:10
  • The hypometric weapon is an alien weapon, manufactured using technology acquired from the huge reservoir of alien knowledge stored inside an enormous distributed computer system disguised as neutron stars and (possibly) other astronomical objects. Hypometric weaponry is said to be highly advanced, usually only by races after one or two million years of spacefaring civilization. Feb 28 '17 at 8:11
  • Lastly, the hominculus weapon, from Wikipedia: "There was a vicious attack on the reunion world; an ambush in which the majority of the Gentian Line was wiped out... the attackers used the supposedly long-vanished 'Homunculus' weapons – monstrous spacetime-bending weapons that were created ages ago, but were ordered to be destroyed by another Line." Being that it says these weapons were created "ages" ago, I suppose they have a better chance of being an alternate version of a cache weapon, perhaps in a continuum where the Greenfly machines were defeated or never created? Feb 28 '17 at 8:12
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    Pretty sure that it would be the cache weapons and not hypometric- the hypometric weapons basically just take chunks of things clean out of existence, I remember homonculus described as leaving glowing scars on the fabric of space-time after their use. Will update when I have more. Feb 28 '17 at 9:58

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