I'm looking for a short story that creeped me out as a kid!

It involves alien dolls, which are sold to humans as souvenirs but are designed to inject a deadly virus into any nearby human, allowing the aliens to invade Earth. I remember that as the aliens triumphantly invade the devastated Earth they chant something like "Those who moon over dolls are sentimental!" and "Decadent, sentimental fools do not deserve the planet that spawned them!"

Needless to say, I liked dolls even less after reading that.

It was in a collection of short stories that I read in the 1990s, sadly I don't recall who the author was or when it was written!

It was definitely in the children's section of the library and I think it was in the Young Adult shelf. There is a particularly horrible scene involving "death by doll" which would be unsuitable for younger readers! I have a feeling it was a well-known author, I would have more information but think I only read one or two stories from the collection before placing the book back on the shelf!

  • Adaption of Perigi's wonderful dolls? Summary: here. It's a long-shot that the OP is still here, but you never know. – bob1 Jan 29 at 2:43

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