In Episode 13 Ash catches a Pokémon that would exceed the limit of 6 Pokémon for the first time and therefore it gets transfered automatically to professor Oak. How does this work?

  • How does the ball know it's the 7th?
  • How does it know it needs to transferred to Oak?

If I were to guess I would think that every Pokéball is linked directly to the Pokédex which is linked to Professor Oak or something. But this doesn't make sense in a lot of ways. Because:

  • not every trainer has a Pokédex
  • not every trainer is linked to some professor (I think)

Also what would happen if Ash physically went to Oak, grab some of his Pokéballs (with Pokémon) and walked out?


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There is an explanation on Bulbapedia:

Poké Balls are able to communicate with a Trainer's Pokédex, as the system updates itself with information on newly-caught Pokémon, and keeps track of how many Pokémon the Trainer has with them. If a Trainer catches a new Pokémon with the full six already with them, the Pokédex will automatically send the newly-caught Pokémon in its Poké Ball to the Pokémon Storage System that the Trainer is using.


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