I've looked before and just spent over an our trawling through Google images, but like the title says: Does anyone remember a book like this?

It wasn't a novel, but a series of nice illustrations of various scenes on an alien planet that you've crash landed on. Each page had a question with multiple choice answers but if I remember correctly only one answer was correct and would allow you to survive. There was very little other text. I think the goal was to reach some sort of crystal obelisk that you could use to get help.

It's probably awful, but I just remember it filling me with wonder as a kid; does anyone know what this is?


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This may be The Star Crystal from the Be an Interplanetary Spy series of game books. The book is available in its entirety at the Internet Archive.

Here is a sample of two facing pages:

Pages 102-103

If it is not that one, there are others from the series also available online.


Planetfall (1986), ISBN 0-19-278113-8 By Douglass Hill Sounds like the 'Can you survive on an alien planet?' part.

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