I remember reading a comic in the 90s that took place after mullet Superman died by the hands of Doomsday, and even after "The Surviving Supermen", there was a comic about how they extracted Superman's powers and were able to give one power each to about 7 or so people.

For example, the guy who had Superman's x-ray vision had the side-effect of not being able to ever turn it off and he needed the guy with Superman's flight ability to carry him around to look for a bomb.

Does anyone know the name of this comic?


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I think you are referring to Superman Annual #8 - The League of Supermen in January 1996 which was part of The Legends of the Dead Earth sequence.

The characters were:

  • Digital Copy of Superman's Consciousness
  • Fly-Boy
  • Heat
  • Pounder
  • See-Through
  • Shield
  • Juan dePlaya
  • Sara Shane

enter image description here


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