Almost all of the kandra we meet (and I am halfway through Shadows of Self right now, so please no spoilers!) have names with capital letters in the middle of them such as TenSoon, OreSeur, etc. How should this be pronounced?

In Shadows of Self, it is noted that "Milan" and "MeLaan" are pronounced slightly differently, if that helps. Don't have a page number as of now.


ATTN: Full page contains spoilers!...

Found Word of God in relation to his HoA series

Sometimes I wish I could crawl inside the heads of my readers while they experience these stories and see what they imagine the places to look like. I've said before that I like how fiction is participatory—that each person who reads my books imagines slightly different things; each person gets different images for places and characters. I'd like to know what they see, just for curiosity's sake. There's no wrong way to imagine these people, just like there isn't a right or a wrong way to pronounce the names. It's all up to you.

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