There's a movie I watched a few years ago. It's crap, but it's really bugging me that I can't think of its name.

I think it was released around 2005 (possibly earlier, but no earlier than 2003 or later than 2006).

I think it's set in Venice, or Santa Monica (or another beach town).

There's an undercover cop, and there's a gang. This gang turns out to be more, they're demons or something like that.

I watched this movie on DVD about 10 years ago, and I can't find a trace of it using multiple search strings. I think this needs someone who knows the movie. Any ideas anybody?

  • When you watched it on DVD, was a recent release? Do you know if it ever made it to theaters?
    – FuzzyBoots
    Dec 7, 2016 at 19:15
  • It was a recent release. I'm fairly confident it was straight to DVD.
    – Macre
    Dec 7, 2016 at 19:16

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Is it "Cast a Deadly Spell" from 1991?

In 1948 Los Angeles, everyone uses magic- everyone except hard-boiled private detective H. Phillip Lovecraft, who refuses for "personal reasons." Lovecraft is hired by a mysterious rich man to recover a stolen book, the Necronomicon. Investigating, he finds that the book holds the key to taking over the world by magical means, releasing the "Old Ones".


Is it Max Payne, released in 2008? It's a little later than you were thinking, but I immediately thought of it when you said

"cops and demons."

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