Trying to identify a very short story (maybe four pages) about a boy trying to figure out how radio works, finally dismantling the machine to discover a small news reporter inside...

I've read in 1980s in a Czech translation. The original language is most likely English or Russian.


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It could be The Little Warranty People by Eduard Uspensky, originally published in 1974 (Wikipedia, Russian)

The warranty people, small people who live in and take care of appliances under warranty, must defend themselves against a curious little girl and an army of mice

There is a News Man, living inside the radio set. And there is a very curious girl (not a boy), that saw once those "little warranty people" and so tries to find them again (but it seems she never disassembles the radio).

News Man is also referred as a Radio Man, and he is repairing all kinds of a radio devices. He has a radio set of his own, and it is actually disassembled (without a box).

Cover of "The Little Warranty People" by Eduard Uspensky (illustrated by Vladimir Shpitalnik). The cover shows a man in a suit, a mouse, and a little girl inside the gears of a clock.

Full story (Russian)

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