In Star Wars then there is a pair of systems of coordinates, one for the more abstract grid units, and one for the more precise XYZ coordinates.

The systems both use Coruscant as their Origin (The 0,0,0, coordinate) rather than the most logical place to put it, the Galactic Core.

With that, where in the XYZ-coordinate system is the Galactic Center?

  • wrvh.home.xs4all.nl/galaxymap/images/modi.jpg - Non canon, but presumably reasonably accurate. Something like 10-10 – Valorum Dec 16 '16 at 0:44
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    The actual Galactic Center is just a massively huge black hole, which is what makes the Deep Core difficult to navigate. I'm not sure it even HAS coordinates assigned to it, since that entire area would be a huge no-fly zone. – Omegacron Dec 16 '16 at 1:15
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    Well, assuming these coordinates are made using Euclidean geometry (the standard "XYZ" 3D space), there would have to be coordinates for the galactic core. The three planes that compose the coordinate grid will go on to infinity in all axial directions, and the galactic core will be somewhere in that space. You can move (0, 0, 0) off-center if you want (ie: put it on Coruscant) but there will still be a range of numbers "blocked out" by the core, and those ranges will describe a set of coordinates that it occupies. – Steve-O Dec 16 '16 at 2:59
  • You would need to convert the grid system to XYZ. According to the Star Wars reference site, Galactic core is located at K-11 in the Deep Core vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/d/d8/… – GeorgeN Apr 16 '18 at 19:15

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