Why are there 3 TIE-fighters chasing an X-Wing in "Attack of the Clones"?

enter image description here

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Only looking for in-universe answers.

  • They were practicing for Death Star trench runs. Duh. :P – Machavity Dec 16 '16 at 23:47

This is what's known as an "Easter Egg" and is referred to directly in the film's audio commentary with George Lucas and VFX Supervisor John Knoll. Basically they were having a little bit of fun by adding in something that harks back to the prior films. As with most Easter Eggs, we can reasonably assume that it's not meant to be taken seriously, especially since it contradicts what we know about the T-65 X-Wing's design pedigree from other canon sources. As such there is no in-universe explanation

JK: Coming up at the left of the frame there's a trench. In that trench is an X-Wing being pursued by three TIE-Fighters. Right....here! Hard to see but it's there! [chuckles]

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