Within Legends, there are many different Star Destroyer classes - Victory, Interdictor, multiple Imperial class, Super Star Destroyers, etc.

What models are present in the new Disney canon?

  • Interdictor has been seen in Star Wars: Rebels, so that one is officially canon now
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These are the Star Destroyers used in the Clone Wars, seen in the Clone Wars animated series and Revenge of the Sith.

enter image description here


Mentioned in the canon novel Tarkin:

Originally a cramped garrison base deployed from a Victory-class Star destroyer, Sentinel now sprawled in all directions as a result of prefabricated modules that had since been delivered or assembled on site.

Tarkin Chapter 2: "Blows Against the Empire"


Also mentioned in Tarkin:

The Secutor-class Star Destroyer Conquest hung in fixed orbit above the Carida Imperial Navy Deepdock Facility Two, some half a million kilometers from the eponymous planet.

Tarkin Chapter 21: "Dissolution"


Identified in the short story "The Levers of Power":

Other Star Destroyers in the Imperial line had suffered far worse damage — the Vehement and the Tector-class Harbinger had been destroyed

Rise of the Empire "The Levers of Power"


Mentioned in the canon novel Catalyst:

Krennic inclined his head in acknowledgment. "Preliminary results indicate that the energy released during the test-fire had the destructive power of the combined batteries of a qaz-class Star Destroyer."

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel Chapter 22: "Exit Wounds"


The class mostly seen in the original trilogy films. We know they still come in two varities, Imperial I-class and Imperial II-class, at least since the canon comic series Shattered Empire:

enter image description here

Shara Bey: I've got an Imperial-class Star Destroyer at two-two mark six...looks like a deuce.

Shattered Empire 3

Super Star Destroyer

Clearly, the Super Star Destroyer, seen in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, remains canon.


Used by the First Order:

Almost invisible when they first dropped from a port in the side of the immense Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the four transport vessels were of a proven design.

The Force Awakens Chapter 1

Interdictor cruisers

Although they're not considered Star Destroyers, it's worth remarking that Tarkin introduces three separate varieties of Interdictor ships:

[P]ositioned against a radiant sweep of stars, floated three Interdictor vessels, a Detainer CC-2200, a newer model CC-7700 frigate, and—fresh from deepdock in the Corellia system and as yet untested—an Immobilizer 418.

Tarkin Chapter 17: "Zero Defects"



The Xyston-class star destroyer, also known as the Sith Star Destroyer, is also in canon. See Wookieepedia for more information. starwars.fandom.com/wiki/xyston-class_star_destroyer

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