I watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones the other day, in which a drone sent indirectly by Jango Fett sends two millipede-like creatures to kill Padme in her sleep.

I was wondering if they had a name and exactly what they could do. Would they just have strangled Padme? Or would they have poisoned her?

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    Their names were Bob and Tony Kounun. Interestingly, they were actually sentient creatures who didn't want to harm Padmé. They just wanted her autograph. – Valorum Dec 24 '16 at 19:49

The Star Wars: Attack of the Clones The Visual Dictionary factbook identifies them as Kouhuns as well as offering an explanation for their use over the more obvious explosive or projectile weapons that Wesell could have employed.


Zam uses two deadly kouhuns for her Senatorial assassination Job. Small, silent arthropods like the kouhuns of Indoumodo can evade even tight security. Unlike projectiles or energy weapons, they are virtually impossible to trace back to their users. Kouhuns are starved in advance, so they head straight for warm-blooded life forms when released, and use a fast-acting nerve toxin to kill their prey.

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The Official Databank article notes that their poison is especially deadly to humanoids.

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Wookiepedia says that

Following the first failed attempt, Wesell was sent by Fett to end the life of Amidala a second time. Fett, thinking that a more subtle attempt would be more desirable, gave Wesell two kouhuns, a type of arthropod with a venom capable of easily killing adult Humans. Wesell placed the kouhuns in her ASN courier droid and sent it to place the kouhuns in Amidala's bedroom.


  1. They're called kouhuns.
  2. They are poisonous, and have a lethal venom that is able to kill adults.

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