Sci-fi story from late 90's or early 2000's collection book that was about a starship survivor who is ejected in a lifepod only big enough for himself that has an AI that keeps him in a matrix-like reality as it drifts eons through space.

The story ends with the machine AI landing on a planet with the bio-remains of the survivor, long dead, which the machine has altered through accelerated evolution to create beings that somewhat resemble the long gone spaceship survivor.

This was part of a collection of stories.


Somewhat similar to the episode Rimmerworld from the TV series Red Dwarf.


While the ship is in danger, coward Rimmer takes the only escape pod and ejects. He lands on a barren planet and Teraforms it, creating a population cloned from his own DNA.

The two creators of the show fell out, and dissolved their partnership. Both of them wrote novels based on the show, but in separate continuities. I don't know if either of them included this episode in their novels.

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