I understand that it is difficult to prove a negative, but I did not notice a "Wilhelm Scream" in Rogue One. I remember it in (I believe) all three of the original trilogy and it felt somewhat amiss not to have one.

Did I just miss it?

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    I thought I heard it when some imperial dropped from the platform during the rebel attack on Eadu. Jan 3, 2017 at 12:44
  • I think that's where I most expected one, and didn't get it, but I'm not sure Jan 3, 2017 at 12:49

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There is a 'Wilhelm Scream' found at the start of the Rebel Attack on Jedha.

A grenade is thrown in front of the armoured transport, followed by a number of Stormtroopers being shot (timestamp 00:31:20). During that initial gunfight you can hear the start of the classic 'Wilhelm Scream' but cut short by gunfire.

You can hear the end of the scream about two seconds later.

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