I read this book that I can't remember much about, it's this teen guy who discovers he has psychic powers. I remember he lives in a shitty house, and he has lots of anger issues. He breaks his TV at some point, pretty sure he only has his mom. I remember that something happens and police start to try and arrest him and he gets in a fight with police and ends up having to defend himself. There's a tornado and he ends up saving people from it. I remember at some point it describes him as glowing from his chest, like his powers are getting stronger and his whole body is glowing.

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    This is a great start for a story ID question. Just a few ideas to narrow down your search: When did you read this book? Was it in English? Any idea when it was published? Any and all details are useful! – Adele C Dec 27 '16 at 17:48

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