I don't know if it has ever been mentioned or estimated at least, considering the few descriptions we have.

Do we know how many people live in a silo?

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According to Shift:

The original project Donald designs called for "a bunker that could house ten thousand people for a year". Later in the same book, there is concern when Silo 32 gets "close to the maximum": "Silo thirty-two had crept above nine thousand inhabitants".

It also refers to the initial population:

"There were four thousand names in that first generation of silo two. Four thousand exactly. Roughly half were female." (For a specific silo, but let's assume that this was typical.)

In Dust:

It seems that the population of Silo 18 is around five thousand: "'So, we're under five thousand residents for the first time in thirty years,' Marsha said".

This suggests that the normal population is somewhere around four or five thousand, with a maximum of ten thousand.


According to this entry from http://www.hughhowey.com:

which is why, when pressed, I give 5,000 as the maximum population of a silo

Obviously this number (dating from February 5, 2012) has aged. It does nicely illustrate the crowded living conditions the population has to endure.

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