I web searched but can't find such an episode. Closest thing that comes to it is "Devil in the Dark". In TNG, there is "Home Soil", but I could've sworn that this idea came up in the original series.

Is there a TOS episode with life forms in the earth communicating by saline streams?


I strongly suspect that you're mis-remembering the TNG episode "Home Soil"

LUISA: There is a very thin layer of highly saline water under the sandy top soil. He was siphoning that off.

CRUSHER: Perhaps somehow that saline water sustained them.

DATA: It connected them.

LUISA: I don't understand.

CRUSHER: The microbrains may be like our own brain cells. Individually, a cell has life but not intelligence. Yet when interconnected, their combined intelligence is formidable.

DATA: The saline fluid is their circuitry, and to prevent its loss, they killed Malencon.

  • I just watched the TNG episode on Netflix before posting my question. I'm trying to square that off with my foggy memory of a scene on the TOS bridge where they actually saw some subterranean image, and a vein of fluid seeping. – user2153235 Jan 2 '17 at 20:56
  • You're probably right. Thanks, Valorum. – user2153235 Jan 3 '17 at 13:41

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