About two weeks ago, I had never seen an episode of The X-Files.

I am in the process of watching The X-Files back to back, having never seen them before. I am about half way through season 2.

Some guys at work have told me I need to watch the movie at the right time or it will ruin the entire thing, but they can't remember when.

So, when should I watch the first, and by extension any other X-Files movies?

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    I'm not sure I understand the difference. The link lays out that The film takes place between seasons 5 and 6 which was also when it was released. That's the point when you should watch it. – user1027 Apr 16 '12 at 20:24
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    OK, I was given the impression that this may not be the case, thanks! – JMK Apr 16 '12 at 21:02
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    And the second X-Files movie you should never watch, unless you want to run the MSR – CamelBlues Apr 20 '12 at 17:51
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    @CamelBlues What does "run the MSR" mean? – pacoverflow Nov 3 '14 at 2:11
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    @pacoverflow sorry, I meant "ruin", not run. MSR stands for Mulder-Scully relationship – CamelBlues Nov 3 '14 at 17:15

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