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Robert Heinlein wrote a novel (one of his earlier novels, I believe) in which China had invaded the USA and the Americans, in order to combat and confuse their invaders, developed a weapon (tool?) which could change matter into just about anything. I am looking for the title of that book and I apologize for the short summary (which may be only partially accurate -- I am old and my memory is fading). But I'd like to get a copy of that old book. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I suspect that you are thinking of The Day After Tomorrow, also published as Sixth Column. In that book, the "Pan-Asians" conquered the US, and a small research lab discovered some technobabble that allowed for a wide range of effects that were quite frankly unbelievable. The few people at the lab 'prosecuted the war' by creating a religion based around the 'priests' being able to use the effects of the technobabble, and then used the religion to ultimately overthrow the Pan-Asian regime.

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No sooner after I wrote this, I was discussing this issue with an old friend and he gave me a clue. The clue led to the answer which follows:

Sixth Column (also known as The Day After Tomorrow)

Sixth Column title

Hope that helps.


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