I saw this movie in the 90s when I was young. It is not Escape from Witch Mountain. I would recognize the face of the actors if I saw a pic.

Plot is fuzzy, but I believe it had the following:

  • Brother/Sister
  • Special powers of some kind, mostly mind based
  • One power they had was to restore damage.
  • They had a friend, old asian guy and a green car, his car was basically damaged and the boy used his power to restore the car to new.

What is this movie?

  • I remember that movie... for a bit, I was thinking Pat Morita, but that doesn't quite match up with the film list. He wore a brown hat and I can hear his voice in my head.
    – FuzzyBoots
    Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 19:03
  • The footage of the car fixing itself is in my head too...
    – FuzzyBoots
    Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 19:11
  • A scene like this occurs in Ben 10: Alien Force
    – Valorum
    Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 19:17
  • A scene like this occurs in Christine - youtube.com/watch?v=I98L5imvTh4
    – Valorum
    Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 19:21

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This sounds like Return From Witch Mountain, actually. Naturally, it has the brother and sister with psychic powers. There was also a friendly Asian character, played by Jack Soo, who drives a green van, which Tony/Tia use their powers to repair.

enter image description here

  • I'm intrigued why you edited out the info about the accident
    – Valorum
    Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 23:50
  • @Valorum As I recall, the accident was a collision with a fire hydrant. That video clip doesn't look like the damage from that kind of accident. That looks more like the van was a decayed heap of junk, and was returned to working order from that condition.
    – Buzz
    Commented Jan 15, 2017 at 1:37
  • The van was a junker before the accident and a broken junker afterwards. The kids restored it to mint.
    – Valorum
    Commented Jan 15, 2017 at 1:40
  • Yup, that is the one. Dang. I looked at return from which mountain and the characters seemed different. But that was exactly the scene!! THanks guys!!
    – rkd80
    Commented Jan 15, 2017 at 2:45

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