I've watched the entire Stargate: Atlantis series a couple of times over the years and don't ever recall seeing Ronon wear or use an earpiece, although I haven't watched all the shows looking specifically for this.

Does he use an earpiece like the rest of the crew? I realize his dreads would make it hard to see, but I don't ever see him tapping his ear to talk, wincing at static, etc.



Here's an image of him from the Season 2 episode Conversion with an earpiece (just before entering the cave with Iratus bug larva):

Ronon Dex Conversion

Here's another image of him with an earpiece in. I can't seem to pinpoint which episode this is at the moment though I think that it is Season 5 (since his dreads look sewn in).

Ronon with an earpiece


I wondered the same and google'd it. Found this site. Just saw Ronon tap his ear and talk to McKay in Season 5, Episode 9 "Tracker".

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