In the Flash episode "Back to Normal", why did Killer Frost try to kill Caitlin?

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    Um...because she's a psychotic killer who enjoys killing people? And also because Caitlin was important to someone she hated, and she could hurt him by killing her? But mostly because she's a psychotic killer. Who kills people. And enjoys it. – Jeff Jan 24 '17 at 15:10

Frost answers this herself mere moments after being released:

Killer Frost: You know, once I saw you, I realized why Zoom didn't kill me: because I look just like you. Now he won't need me anymore.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 19: "Back to Normal"

Killer Frost believes (probably not inaccurately) that Zoom is only keeping her alive because of his feelings for her Earth-1 doppelganger, the same way a non-supervillain might keep a framed picture of "the one that got away". As long as he doesn't have the real thing, she's too valuable (from a sentimental standpoint) to kill.

But now he has the real thing, she loses her value as a memento, and her fate is likely to be the same as anyone else who betrayed Zoom. Killing Caitlin preserves her usefulness, making it more likely that Zoom will keep her alive.

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