I was reading something with my kids about how humpback whales could probably communicate across an entire ocean before human noise pollution was introduced. This plus the theorized intelligence of whales makes me think there could be an awesome whale-based fantasy/sci-fi series. Is there one?

I can think of these examples of sapient/sentient whales:

  • In 'Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home' the Earth was nearly destroyed because an alien intelligence could no longer communicate with (implicitly sentient) humpbacks, since they had gone extinct
  • In the novel 'Whale Rider' (and to some extent the movie), right whales are somewhat intelligent and have legends
  • The TV Show 'Seaquest' featured an intelligent dolphin IIRC

Are there other examples, hopefully with whales playing a central role?

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    There is at least one positive answer to this question. In David Brin's Uplift Series one of the books is about intelligent dolphins piloting starships. I believe this book discussed "ongoing" efforts to uplift other cetaceans. – Jim2B Mar 4 '15 at 6:08