The strength of a phaser blast can be adjusted, at least on the Enterprise-D (and probably the other ships with which we're familiar). In "Galaxy's Child," for example, the space entity is shot with a phaser beam that is only at 3% strength. In "The Ultimate Computer," phasers are initially at low intensity during the training exercise.

Can the strength of the photon torpedoes also be adjusted?

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Yes. Data does just that while he is in command of the Sutherland in the TNG episode Redemption, Part II. Data is part of a sensor net blockade tasked with preventing cloaked Romulan Warbirds from sneaking supplies to the Duras faction in the Klingon civil war. The Romulans fire a massive tachyon burst to disable the sensor net long enough to slip past the blockade, but Data figures out a way to expose them, using torpedoes set to a low-power yield that will not damage them, but will expose their presence.

DATA: Overlay display with tachyon emissions. Highlight any tachyon signatures which show subspace inertial displacement. Concentrate a sensor sweep in that area.

(four targets emerge)

HOBSON: Sir, this is pointless. Those readings could be anything. There's no way for us to be sure the Romulans are out there.

DATA: Reconfigure photon torpedo warhead yields. Set for high energy burst level six.

HOBSON: Level six? But that won't even

DATA: Do it!

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    In ST:TNG, episode "Nth Degree", the order is given "photon torpedoes, maximum yield!" I infer from "maximum yield" that lesser yields are therefore possible.
    – Blaze
    Commented May 4, 2020 at 5:05

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