So, I'm recently re-watching Stargate SG-1, and I noticed something odd. Teal'c doesn't say Indeed... It got me wondering, when is the first time that Teal'c says Indeed in the series?

Specifically, I'm looking for Indeed as a single word, not as a part of a sentence.

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  • Indeed. I kept waiting... Wow, near the end of season 2!
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According to The Indeed Project:

  • The first time Teal'c says it in a sentence is in 2x11, The Tok'Ra Part 1
  • The first time he says it stand-alone is in 2x19, One False Step
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He says it in "Holiday" (217) while he's stuck in O'Neil's body.
However, he's not the first one to say it, I'm pretty sure I heard a keeper said it first (probably in the first season).

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