I realize this kind of question is a bit of a gray area for the site, but following that disclaimer, I also know I can probably get a good answer here. The question is about reading order in the Ultimate universe, which had a limited scope and is hopefully therefore valid. Limiting it further, I'm restricting the question to ONLY trade paperbacks, i.e. collected editions, and primarily those covering the Avengers.

Following Ultimates 3 ("Who Killed the Scarlet Witch"), which book would be the next to cover the Ultimate Avengers storyline? It looks like Ultimatum would be the next major event, but after that the books seem to break up by character (ex. - Ultimates: Thor Reborn).

If the best answer constitutes a long list and is therefore invalid for this site, I will also accept a starting point (with hopefully a link for where to look following that).

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The Comic Book Herald site has a Complete Guide to the Ultimate Universe. It includes the full reading over for every Ultimate universe publication, as well as shorter lists of "essentials".

For your specific point in the sequence, you're right that the various Ultimatum books are next, and then a long stretch of small 5-6 issue series before the next big named event (Cataclysm), but there are overarching storylines in those books, like "Ultimate Enemy" and "Death of Spider-Man".

There's a lot of information on the site, but to get you started, here's the suggested reading order for the next two sets of books -- the aftermath of Ultimatum and the Ultimate Enemy story arc. Note that, while there is a central plot to these issues, there isn't a lot of cross-over, so you can pretty much read each series in it's entirety before moving on to the next. Once you get to Divided We Fall it gets trickier.

After Ultimatum

  • Ultimate Comics X #1 – #5
  • Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 – #6
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 – #6
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 – #15
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 – #6

Ultimate Enemy Begins

  • Ultimate Enemy #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Mystery #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Doom #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1 – #5
  • Ultimate Comics Thor #1 – #4
  • Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1 – #6

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