This relatively short book (novella, maybe) may more properly be considered a political essay. However, it does include bringing Benjamin Franklin forward in time to explain the reasons for why portions of the government and law are set up as they are.

I believe the location of the story was Washington DC.

I think I read this in the early 90's. It did include an ATM, so it was likely written in the 80's at the earliest.

One point I remember is Benjamin Franklin being amazed at ATMs creating money. This was not further developed, and I remember thinking that Benjamin Franklin would actually be horrified at "free money".

I believe the major thrust of the book was that the main character was attempting to put through a law or amendment that would allow for holders of federal office to face a recall election. I think the focus was on Representatives and Senators, but possibly also included the President.

I believe Benjamin's argument was that this would bog down the government and that the office holders would essentially be continuously running for reelection and would be unable to accomplish anything.

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    I have found one book "Ben Franklin and the Chamber of Time" that was published in the mid-nineties by an author that has written other books I read about the same time (Chris Heimerdinger). However, the descriptions of it have it more of a YA fantasy adventure. It also sounds like it was Franklin's invention that brought him forward in time while I think it was something built in the present day. I would have to get a copy or preview of the book to say one way or another. – Michael Richardson Feb 9 '17 at 19:55

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