If Dolores Umbridge wasn't a Death Eater, or closely associated with the Death Eaters, how did she end up with Mad-Eye Moody's magical eye, which she so tastefully affixed to her office door at the Ministry? At the time Moody's eye is discovered by Harry in Deathly Hallows as he searches Umbridge's office, the Death Eaters are running the Ministry. Umbridge clearly had no fear of any repercussions from the Death Eaters for hosting Moody's eye on her door for the entire Ministry and its staff to see on a daily basis.

Mad-Eye Moody was killed during the Battle of the Seven Potters in Deathly Hallows and his body fell to an unknown location somewhere in rural England. The Order wouldn't go back for Moody's body because they didn't know where it was and furthermore it was too dangerous for the Order to go on a body recovery mission when their might be Death Eaters lurking about.

Keeping all this in mind: How did Umbridge come to be in possession of Moody's eye? How did the Death Eaters know to give the eye to Umbridge? Knowing what we do about Umbridge from canon, could we conclude that she was perhaps involved in the planning of the Battle of the Seven Potters? Or is there another explanation as to why the Death Eaters felt compelled to give the eye to Umbridge? This is rather gruesome, but could she have expressed direct interest in owning Moody's eye prior to his death, as in "By the way, if you come across Mad-Eye Moody's magical eye, bring it to me immediately." It's so morbid -- I'm interested in any information beyond "A Death Eater gave it to her." I think that much is already clear. Has J.K. Rowling ever addressed the issue of Dolores Umbridge and Moody's eye? Speculative answers based on known canon or JKR quotes are totally fine.

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    I'd take a guess that it was recovered by the MoM, and retained as a 'Valuable Magical Artifact' (from which status Umbridge poached it), but I have no canon backup. – K-H-W Apr 22 '12 at 13:16
  • Further evidence that Umbridge is dirtier than a sock on a toddler's foot! I have to admit, I had a similar question rolling around in my head, but you have certainly asked it much more eloquently than I could have :-D – Meg Coates Apr 22 '12 at 16:19
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    Actually, the Order did go look for Moody's body, but without success. – Kevin Apr 23 '12 at 1:08

Not quite canon, but she claimed to be related to Selwyn family, and if that was actually true, was related to a Death Eater Selwyn - who WAS at the Battle of Seven Potters (Voldemort took his wand). So that is a plausible avenue for her to at least find out about Moody's death, and quite possibly to come by the eye.

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It would seem possible that not all Death Eaters are still rolling in pure-blood gold, much like the Gaunt family, and so possible that one of the Death Eaters retrieved it and pawned it.

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Umbridge had been in contact with Mundungus in the past when she bought Voldemort’s locket. Well, Mundungus was with Moody when he died. So, maybe he took it, tried to pawn it in Diagon alley, where Umbridge came across him again and confiscated it?!

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    Plausible. Is there anything else that supports this, though? – Adamant Aug 27 '16 at 5:36
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    Mundungus had already disapparated. – Alex Sep 16 '18 at 3:03

I vaguely remember lupin and Kingsley looking for his body but not being able to find it. I think the ministry took his body because his death was also not reported, so that’s probably where she got it

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  • Can you find any sources that back this up? – DavidW Jan 27 at 2:44

Since you don't mind speculative answers, I'll point out that she works for the Ministry of Magic. One of the tasks of the ministry is keeping up the Statute of Secrecy. If a dead wizard fell from the sky, it would be up to them to make sure the muggles didn't find his obviously magical eye. Or, if they did find it, to obliviate them and take it. She could simply have someone working the morgue, looting bodies. Perhaps, even officially. There's no sense putting them to waste.

There's no reason to think she did anything wrong. In this. She's obviously still Umbridge.

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