At the end of Overture, it's revealed that Desire stole Time's saeculum (sæculum) from Dream, and hid it for Dream to find at a particular time later.

Was this discovery depicted or mentioned in a previous volume?

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The Saeculum was found by the next aspect of Dream, who was previously known as Daniel Hall.

This happens some time after the events of the last volume of The Sandman. In Overture, the time period is simply referred to as "now":

enter image description here

The Saeculum ended up with Mad Hettie, for some reason. Dream finds it in Overture #2, and immediately sends it back to Father (Time).

enter image description here

In Overture #4 we see that Father has received it. (And here we have the first example of a bootstrap paradox in The Sandman universe)

enter image description here

  • Thank you. I had thought that the pocket watch found earlier in Overture was the one given to him by Prez Rickard in World's End. But I see now the clues in wording ("now", "cannot argue with time", "not actually you") and illustration (the cards). Hm.
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