The book cover was a tiny dog in the palm of a human hand. There were many stories and the ones I remember are as follows:

  • A girl whose parents ignore her finds a town of people who are all shrunk to the size of dolls and a woman offers her the chance to join them

  • Boy realizes that he can't grow older than age 5 because his parents gave him an injection and he meets an older kid who explains everything to him

Please help me, It's driving me crazy

  • About how old is the book?
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    I can't find anything that exactly matchs your description, but the story about the boy who cannot age sounds somewhat like Ray Bradbury's "Hail and Farewell".
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Unexpected - Book Cover - tiny dog in hand

Is this, Unexpected: 11 Mysterious Stories, edited by Laura E. Williams, the book? I personally like the one with the dolls. I forgot what some stories were but i remember a few names: "Loser", "Infinity Jinx", and "Who Murdered Henry Horse".

An Introduction by the editor and 11 stories. An eerie house filled with forgotten treasures... A young detective from the future... A miniature village that feels like home... A mom abducted by trolls...

These are just a few of the eleven mysterious encounters conjured up by some of today's most popular and acclaimed authors.

List of stories courtesy of Maury County Public Library's page:

  • Loser / Peter Lerangis
  • Little time / Gail Carson Levine
  • Max, the hand, and me / Heidi E.Y. Stemple and Jane Yolen
  • Baby from outer space / Norma Fox Mazer
  • Who broke Harry's head? / Graham Salisbury
  • The troddler / Bruce Coville
  • Infinity Jinx / Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Marked for death / Will Weaver
  • The telltale croak / Laura E. Williams
  • Dear, dear Kitty / Marion Dane Bauer
  • Sleuth 2500 / Dian Curtis Regan.
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The second story could be Harlan Ellison's "Jeffty is Five" (Originally published in the 1977 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and repeatedly collected).

It involves a boy who remains five years old while his friend ages normally. His aging (or lack of it) wasn't the result of an injection.

You can read the story online here

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