I always wondered what the Monument in the intro of Season4/5 in Stargate SG-1 is:


To me, it looks like the Sphinx, but the hat is too big/high.


This is not a monument at all, but rather Ra's Mask.

bigger picture of Ra's Mask

It was actually in the intro for all the first five seasons, intended to be a visual tie-in to the movie, where Ra has a similar mask.

GIF of Ra's mask retracting

When it moved to Sci-Fi a new intro was made, including for early seasons. This Reddit post explains why some seasons kept the original opening:

The first five seasons, with Showtime, all used the Ra's mask intro when they originally aired. When SciFi picked up the series for season 6, they created a new intro, and also went back and made a new intro for the older seasons, the action-packed intro we all know and love.

However, since they changed from 16mm to 32mm film from the season 3 finale onwards, it created a weird situation where the new intro, meant for use in syndication, wasn't compatible with the DVD mastering process for some reason. So the DVDs (at least the first editions, not sure about the later ones) start off with the action-packed intro, then switch to the Ra's mask intro abruptly from the season 3 finale until the end of season 5.

Hope that helps. It's a source of some confusion, since some episodes might have a different intro depending on whether you saw them in syndication, or DVD/original airing.

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