I'm searching for a movie that I saw as a child. The movie is about an investigation for an alien killer. The main character was a male detective who tried to understand what is happening. There was some exotic weapons, what I remember is a razor gun that used by the aliens. The gun shot rotating razor discs that never stopped rotating (and bouncing). The detective found a projectile trapped by a speaker's magnet. The guns used some white fluid in small transparent containers as ammunition.

There is a huge possibility that my memories are not perfect, but the key to find the movie is that razor gun.

  • How certain are you that it was a movie? One of the aliens in Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time — a video game on the Mac & Windows platforms — used spinning discs as projectiles fired by their guns. Feb 22, 2017 at 18:12

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This is "Dark Angel" from 1990.

The blurb mentions that it's basically a police procedural but with aliens.

The other alien that has landed on Earth is a lawman and was sent to track the drug dealer. He will need Lundgren's and Benben's help to catch him. Throw in the fact that the alien drug dealer takes on drug dealers on Earth and you have non stop action.

This review mentions a strange alien CD-like projectile caught on a speaker magnet

This is one of the scariest and funniest movies Dolph Lundgren ever did. I enjoy it immensely and I'm disappointed to see it so expensive and hard to get. I hope a Blu-ray version comes out as this movie did not get the exposure it should have during it's release Christmas of 1990. I am kind of surprised so few have heard of this SciFi with aliens coming to Earth. Police detectives Lundgren and Benben try to figure out what exactly they are doing after some drug dealers and civilians are murdered. At a drug dealers they find several dead bodies and a unusual sharp metal CD stuck to a speaker magnet. The guy they take it to for analysis at the university looks like he has been drinking Jolt and taking amphetamines. The whole movie has a mix of good SciFi drama and comedy. I had never seen Lundgren in a comedy before and this was a nice change of pace. It reminds me of how "Twins" made a difference in Arnold Scwharzenegger's career. Great quality DVD with plenty of replayability. If you enjoyed this, catch Split Second.

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  • I saw this in the US as "I Come In Peace", I remember the line between them, Alien: "I come in Peace", Dolph: "The you can go in pieces" Not a bad movie for the time
    – MichaelF
    Feb 22, 2017 at 23:01

I think that the other answer is wrong. I think that an old Mark Hamill movie called "the Guyver" had a spinning blade. Or it might have been in "Krull," I can't really remember. Best bet is to watch all three movies and report back with your findings. To be honest I'm sure they're all friggin' terrible.

enter image description here

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