The only time we actually see an AT-AT in battle in its final form is at the Battle of Hoth. There, the only available firepower comes from turrets and snowspeeders, all of which are too weak to penetrate the walkers' armour. Anything stronger is deemed too valuable and is either being evacuated or forced to be abandoned as they're not defrosted from the earlier blizzard yet.

Excluding prototypes and Force-related stuff, just how strong is that armour? What armaments have proven capable of penetrating AT-AT armour and inflicting significant damage on its own without relying on external support to soften or disable the armour first?


At-At armor has been shown to posses varying degrees of susceptibility to various weapons and other means of attack.



  • The mass driver though only vs. weak spots in the armor if I'm not wrong? Additionally: Should also ion cannons be counted there?
    – Thomas
    Aug 25 '17 at 3:26

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