In the Star Wars: Aftermath series, we see what happens to the galaxy after the events of Return of the Jedi. Han, Leia, and Chewie are all featured. However, we don't see Luke, R2-D2 and C-3P0.

Was there any particular reason that Luke wasn't included? Did Disney tell the author not to include him?


He was (evidently) told that he couldn't include Luke. He was eventually allowed to include a Han Solo story, presumably after it became clear that the Han Solo film would be a prequel

Q. Were there any restrictions on you, like, you can’t have Luke Skywalker, you can have Han Solo — which is one of the interstitial stories in Aftermath.

Chuck Wendig: There is, yeah, there’s a Han [story.] There were definitely some restrictions. There were things that I had written that they were like, “we need to pull back on this for various reasons.” The [Lucasfilm] story group has got this massive, braided universe — there’s a mobile game called Uprising; obviously you have [the EA-DICE video game] Battlefront; you have the film, clearly; and then the novels and the comics. So it’s always trying to balance that stuff. So it’s like, “Well, you can talk about that character here because this character’s there, but then we want this character to be exclusive to this other thing, so you can’t mention them…” But for the most part, I had a few clear restrictions up front, and then I was allowed to run with it.

Star Wars: Aftermath: Finding Han Solo

He speaks to the fan-pressure to include Han and Luke in his books (and the more irresistible pressure from the Story Group not to do so) in the interview below.

The thing with Aftermath, [is that] it was tricky was, and this is where the pressure really came in, is it came with this rolling thunder storm of expectation right because it people, everybody wanted something different from that book. They wanted Han and Luke or they wanted a continuation into the The Force Awakens or they wanted secrets into The Force Awakens and the story I was telling was not really able to do those things...

  • the covers were also wildly misleading but that isn't really his fault (among the many that are....) – NKCampbell Mar 7 '17 at 20:03

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