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In Logan, Charles Xavier suffers from dementia. He has seizures which seem to cause shock waves, resulting in headaches, and time slowing down. Does he have this power in the comics?

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It is worth mentioning that he does exhibit this ability several times in other X-Men movies, so there is a cinematic precedent. On at least two occasions he freezes an entire room of people so he can pass through it unnoticed or to deescalate a situation and pass through it unnoticed. Presumably he allows people to breathe though. And - albeit while he is connected to an amplifier, Cerebro or Apocalypse - he is able to affect the minds of everyone in the world, which is central to the plots of X2 and X-Men: Apocalypse.

This power probably isn't portrayed in the comics very often, since it is difficult to portray people frozen in place in a format that is frozen in place.

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