Of the multitudes of non-human subjects of the Galactic Empire, which species are generally loyal to the New Order and thus pro-Empire despite the discrimination? Do these species enjoy an absence or at least lessened discrimination by Imperial authorities?

Thrawn doesn't count because he was an exception (albeit the most brilliant) in the Empire who came from a nation outside Imperial territory.

  • Do the Noghri count? (at least until Leia revealed the empire's treachery towards them). starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Noghri Commented Mar 17, 2017 at 15:09
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Here are some alien species who supported the Empire:

  1. The Noghri
  2. The Ailon
  3. The Chevins
  4. Devarians
  5. Many Rodians served the Empire as Bounty Hunters, Rodians are known as good bounty hunters. Most did it for the money, rather than loyalty for the Empire.
  6. The Muuns
  7. The Umbarans
  8. The Trandoshans
  9. Flakax
  10. The Company SoroSuub which was run by Sullustans was a early supporter of the Empire, although a fair number of Sullustans joined the rebellion

(By the way, this is a great discussion about species loyal to the Empire. It has some species that I haven't mentioned)

A couple of these links seem to show that most aliens at least received less discrimination (and some received none at all) than alien species that were not willfully allies of the Empire.

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I would also like to add on Zeltrons (as seen in SW: Squadrons) and the Pantorans. The Chiss count as well, because there goals happened to align with the empire.

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