• Creature could be reproduced from a partial tissue
  • It also attacked a dog to grow (it was either opening or closing of the movie)
  • It also attacked a homeless person in a tunnel or something Then passed to multiple hosts, leaving old hosts in dead or vegetable states.
  • Some kind of energy blaster was used to destroyed it but it was in todays earth
  • The Creature was grosser than the Xenomorph alien but less capable
  • The Creature was using living entities as living sources or energy sources or something and it was jumping to another host by a kiss(?) Maybe that wasn't a kiss but an exorcism-style projectile vomit? I really can't remember.
  • Something like a blend of 'The Thing' and 'Alien3'

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This is The Hidden from 1987. There's a scene where a dog gets taken over by an alien parasite that jumps hosts through oral contact.

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