Wonder Woman has fought many battles with Ares (Mars), but which was the comic where she first encountered Ares and how she defeated him ?

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The first time Ares (formerly known as Mars) fights Wonder Woman (albeit indirectly) is in Wonder Woman Vol 1 #1 from June, 1942.

Wonder Woman Vol 1 #1 Ares fights WW

Ares can be seen behind Wonder Woman's head, with the speech bubble. The next panel confirms Mars' (Ares') defeat to Wonder Woman. Where she beats them by using her lasso to tilt the space ship and knock them off.

Wonder Woman Vol 1 #1 Ares admits defeat

Finally, the first time Ares fights Wonder Woman proper, is in Wonder Woman Vol 1 #5 from July, 1943

Wonder Woman Vol 1 #5 Ares fights WW

A fight which Wonder Woman wins by knock out.

WW Vol 1 #5 Ares knocked out by WW

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