Doomsday famously killed Superman and is generally reckoned to be the only true match for Superman in a one-on-one fight.

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But are there any other villains who've killed Superman in the comic serials?

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Superman was killed by Murder Man. And yes, that's his name. I'm not joking.

In Superman #188 Zunial (AKA Murder Man) turned a kryptonite radio transmitter on Superman and killed him. Luckily he wasn't 'Uncle Ben dead' and one of his Superman robots was able to restore him to life.

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Superman was killed by Lex Luthor in the 'What if...' story called "The Death of Superman!". Tricky Luthor invented a cure for cancer that happened to be based on green Kryptonite. Once the world was saturated in the rays, he turned the beam full-strength on a highly weakened Superman, killing him instantly.

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Superman was killed by He-Man in the crossover event DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe #02. It won't surprise you in the least that they found a way to bring him back two episodes later

The Superman that died was from another reality

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In the one-shot "The Kingdom", Superman is killed over and over again (in a variety of exciting ways) by Gog.

Gog's Sun Staff (repeatedly)
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Stabbed to death with Kryptonian metal
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A big bomb
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A Kryptonian virus
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