I am going to call Hive/Alveus Alveus.

When referencing Deadpool/Wolverine, I am actually referencing Mutants with regenerative abilities.

I will use the term Consume to refer to Alveus's power to consume a human to regenerate himself.

I will use the term Possess to refer to Alveus using a dead human body to host himself.

End of Foreword

What would happen if Alveus attempted to consume Deadpool/Wolverine?

I assume that Alveus can posses and consume Deadpool/Wolverine. They are not Inhumans which is the only condition that has to be met for consumption and possession. I assume that possession might be more complicated as they need to be dead; not only are they hard to kill, they will also put up a fight :). Furthermore, since Alveus can regenerate as well, the use of Deadpool/Wolverine seems a bit redundant. Perhaps the mechanics of Deadpool/Wolverine's regeneration is better than Alveus's ability.

For Alveus to consume a body, it appears that there are only two conditions that must be met:

  1. The consumed must be human
  2. The consumed must be alive

I am not sure what the mechanics of Alveus's consumption ability is. I believe that Alveus controls parasites that eat the flesh of the human. The parasites return the nutrients or themselves to Alveus.

I imagine that if Alveus were to attempt to consume Deadpool/Wolverine, that the parasites would consume while Deadpool/Wolverine would regenerate. (similar to Wolverine vs Phoenix in X-Men Last Stand).

I also imagine their is no canon answer to this question.

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    Interesting question. Also, just replace Wolverine with the Hulk and you fixed the different universes thing. – Junuxx Mar 16 '17 at 21:10
  • a version of hive does infact exist in marvel 616 continuity marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Hive_(Earth-616) though it/they does have a different origin story and slightly different power-set compared to the AOS version it can still consume human flesh. – Ummdustry May 29 '18 at 10:30