I am looking for the name of this book, which was maybe written in the early 90's.

It's about:

  • A boy and a girl that when they were babies their parents end up at this facility while traveling.
  • They were given some unknown DNA or something in liquid form.
  • As they grew older, somehow their parents settle either in Kansas or Oklahoma.
  • They grow up to be very smart.
    • Their parents realize this, and somehow the government finds them
  • The kids end up helping to build these massive spaceships
    • even discovering how to have unlimited oxygen and power on these ships.
  • The space ships are for humans to escape the Earth, as it's going to be destroyed.

It's a small book, and I picked it up at a yard sale in a box of books. I read it once and for some odd reason it's been stuck in my head.

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