The man wakes up every morning and looks at his wrist-watch screen that tells him that he feels fine when he doesn't. A lump begins to show on his forehead that grows daily and eventually becomes like a unicorns horn. He eventually breaks away from his society and I think even meets a woman with the same condition so has a happy ending... I think. I might be confusing the ending, it's been a while. I read it maybe 30yrs ago but I'm fairly sure it was written in the 50's for some reason. Cheers

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    I think this was in one of the Continuum book series, edited by Roger Elwood.
    – sueelleker
    Mar 24, 2017 at 19:32

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Found someone else looking for it: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2029851-solved-man-slowly-transforms-into-unicorn-you-are-ok-you-are-not-ok

Solved as "Mythological Beast" by Stephen Donaldson of Thomas Covenant fame. Link in comments below...

Not much of a summary, but what I found (from Best of Stephen Donaldson)

I will skip lightly over ‘Mythological Beast’ which was a slight story about a man in a safe, secure future world turning into a unicorn. Deftly handled but basically silly.

I rememembered reading it and couldn't recall the circumstances, but I know I read Daughter of Regals which contains it.